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Archive for February 2009

Rails Progress (slow but sure)

Each day when I have an hour or so to spare I am picking another aspect of my “toy” Rails application to work on. My strategy is to set small achievable goals, in the understanding that I will need to… Continue Reading →

Keeping going with Rails

My experiments with Rails are moving along slowly, and I’m happy with that. One of the things I have learned that I sometimes sabotage myself by expecting to do too much too quickly and then becoming despondent when things don’t… Continue Reading →

Recent Reading: Metamorphosis

I have just completed reading Kafka’s Metamorphosis, and I was surprised how pleasant it was to read on my iPhone using the Classics app. This is the first time I’ve tried an electronic book reader, and the first time I’ve… Continue Reading →

Getting Started with Rails

I have been following Ruby on Rails development for years, and I’ve never quite finished starting playing with it. I have finally bitten the bullet and I have decided that I don’t want to do anything other than the rails… Continue Reading →

Varying My Diet (entertainment)

Since Christmas I have been reading more varied books to supplement my diet of technical books, the Weekend Financial Times, lightweight contemporary fiction, and Private Eye (thanks to a dear friend). So far I have read The Crying of Lot… Continue Reading →