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Varying My Diet (entertainment)

Since Christmas I have been reading more varied books to supplement my diet of technical books, the Weekend Financial Times, lightweight contemporary fiction, and Private Eye (thanks to a dear friend). So far I have read The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon, Consider the Lobster and other essays by David Foster Wallace, and I’m reading a collection of Chekhov short stories between some Kafka and Chaucer. Unfortunately I missed Chekhov’s relatively recent book signing.

In addition to varying my reading I’m engaging in more social activities involving art outside the house more enthusiastically. So far this year there’s been an exhibition of Bernini sculpture and drawings in Ottawa, a production of Jerry Springer the Musical in Toronto, a production of the tragical story of Doctor Faustus, and the a visit to the newly refurbished Art Gallery of Ontario.

Coming up, in a couple of weeks, is a performance of by Midori with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Although this seems to take up a lot of time, I have found that mixing things up gives me more energy and a fresher mind for tackling the technical challenges I enjoy.

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