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Keeping going with Rails

My experiments with Rails are moving along slowly, and I’m happy with that. One of the things I have learned that I sometimes sabotage myself by expecting to do too much too quickly and then becoming despondent when things don’t move as quickly as I had expected. If I step back then I see how many things I’m doing:

  • Learning about VirtualBox.
  • Learning how to use Git.
  • Trying to learn Rails 2.2 using Rails 1.2 tutorials (D’oh!)
  • Setting up vim to be a productive “IDE” for Rails.
  • Taking another look at what PostgreSQL has to offer.

With Git and Rails I’m not just trying to use the tools well, I’m also internalising their way of looking at the world. That comes in its own good time. As for using vim (or vi) effectively, I have limped along with my limited repertoire for more than 20 years, so I should not have unrealistic expectations there!

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