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Rails Progress (slow but sure)

Each day when I have an hour or so to spare I am picking another aspect of my “toy” Rails application to work on. My strategy is to set small achievable goals, in the understanding that I will need to do some research and make some mistakes.

Many problems I come across seem to be due to poor scaling – a developer with a database with a few tens of rows sometimes never gets a taste of a the system with millions of rows under heavy load until users are out for blood.

Thanks to Jason Frankovitz I started looking at Railscasts, and this turned me on to the will_paginate plugin for pagination.

So now I have a migration which cooks up 10,000 user rows, and then I notice the difference in the naive “list all the users” and the paginated “list all the users, a page at a time”

One feature done today… now for the household chores: cat litter changing and putting out the garbage and recycling.

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