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Reading: Death, Hope, and Beauty

I have been reading some interesting stuff over the past week or ten days.

My weekend wouldn’t start properly without coffee, toast and marmalade, and the Weekend Financial Times. In this weekend’s edition I discovered that many of the qualities of the Weekend FT which delight me can be traced to J.D.F. Jones. I learned this from his obituary, whose final paragraph began:

He died of heart failure, in his favourite armchair, his dog at his feet, a newspaper on his lap, a glass of wine to hand.

I hope that creating the Weekend FT gave him some satisfaction and joy; reading it has been one of the highlights of my week for many years.

A book I have recently read, in as far as my first scanning of any book can be called reading, is Radical Hope – ethics in the face of cultural devastation by Jonathan Lear. I haven’t digested this book yet, and it needs a careful second reading. Nevertheless it speaks to something in me about my outlook on life and the future. It is slim and fascinating.

On the technical side of my reading list there is O’Reilly’s Beautiful Architecture. I’ll post a larger review of this in the next couple of weeks; my initial impression is that it’s harder than I expected to get engaged in it, and I expect that persistence will pay off in the end.

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