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Procrastination Conquered!

I moved web hosts at the end of 2008, and dutifully took database dumps, source code repository archives, and tar balls of everything I thought I might need.

One of the sites I curated was the Official Unofficial Crimso Archives, and for almost six months I have been planning to reinstate the archives, never quite getting around to it. There was always some nagging notion of maybe turning my beautiful early 2000’s vintage PHP into shinier more beautiful Rails code, always a reason to wait for those elusive “consecutive few free days” and I would get my head down and crank some code out.

Yesterday Daniel Kirkdorffer emailed me “I see the archives search is still down. What’s the state of that?”. In less than a day I had the archives back up and running, including the search – it took me probably less than four hours of actual work, and a little help from Gordon Henderson’s superuser abilities to get the search configuration file installed, and all was well. I have probably spent more than twice that time coming up with reasons not to do it!

Now I can still fantasize about rewiring the site in whatever cool technology I want (and maybe never get around to doing it!), and at least the two or three people who want to look at the archives can.

Now, what else is in my next actions folder?

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