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Back to the Future

Back in 1999 Perl was described as a postmodern language. As the husband of a philosophy professor, and as someone with an instinctive distrust of sophistry, my layman’s understanding of “postmodern” was essentially that it was a term used as shorthand for “vapid, overblown, vacuous intellectual performance masturbation”, especially by the French. Of course there are significant differences between Perl code and, say, Derrida’s writing – they can both be intolerably hard to read and make some sense of, but the Perl can at least be shown to do something useful in most cases.

Imagine my delight in discovering Modern::Perl. I have dealt with chromatic a couple of times, and I rate him as a “good guy” who has a balanced perspective on Perl, Perl boosterism, and things that seem odd coming to Perl from other languages. That gives me a sense of hope and enthusiasm about looking at the module, a sense I’d love to feel again when using Perl.

Now to play with Modern::Perl, or maybe relax and enjoy myself as iTunes has popped up Earthworks Underground Orchestra‘s rendition of Libreville to inject some joy into my day.


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