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From King Crimson to Kissin

Today has been a pleasantly varied day.

The day started off with me feeling a little under the weather and waking at 05:30. Being unable to get back to sleep I stumbled down to the basement to work on my Elephant Talk archives to try and finish off the migration which started at the end of last year. That was the King Crimson part of my day, software archaeology involving well preserved PHP and Perl, and looking into why various text files were present with a size of 0 bytes. This gave me a chance to play some more with git, and to use the excellent Perl local::lib module.

Barely was there time to do laundry and have some breakfast before it seemed like we had to go out to see Evgeny Kissin at Roy Thompson hall. A delightful and relaxing evening with some friends, and now all I have to do is try to stave off a sore throat and get some sleep before the work week begins.

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