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Seconds Out, round 5 or so…

Did I really just buy yet another copy of Seconds Out? This time it was part of the new Live Boxed set. No matter how many times I buy it every time I listen to it it seems worth every penny.

Cover of Seconds Out

Cover of Seconds Out

  1. Cassette in the late ’70s or early ’80s,
  2. LP when I got a turntable,
  3. First attempt by Virgin / Charisma at a CD,
  4. Atlantic “definitive edition” remastered CD,
  5. Remixed & remastered CD & DVD in the boxed set.

If a fool and his money are easily and often parted, then I’m a happy fool. For now. Next month the videos are re-released, and finally I can get a copy of the Mama tour video.


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