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The Week in Review

“Don’t believe what you read” seems to be this week’s theme.

On Monday I went to my first Rails Pub Nite for a few months, and there were a good forty or fifty people there. Most of them seemed to be doing some fun and interesting stuff with Rails, and there seemed to be lots of activity. Sometimes when I’m looking around various technology sites or blogs it would seem that the bloom is off the Rails rose, bit the Toronto Rails Pub Nites would offer a different perspective.

On Tuesday it was off to Roy Thomson Hall to hear the Cleveland Orchestra. I was pleasantly surprised that my listening to King Crimson for many years had prepared me to enjoy Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5. The thing not to believe here is the Toronto Star’s review which seemed to focus on the reviewer’s expectations and not so much on what the Orchestra did.

Nest week it’s the Toronto Perl Mongers, and we’ll see what’s shaking in the local Perl world. There are so many opinions of Perl’s state out there that most of them can’t be true!

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