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Out With the Old, In With the Old

Our late December festivities are done, the days are getting longer, and soon 2010 will be heading my way. The various office and user group parties are done, and there’s some time for reflection.

The thing I am noticing with the Pomodoro technique is that the daily retrospectives are satisfying, when I do them. The other huge plusses are breaks every half hour or so keep me focused on what’s really important rather than what’s fascinating at the time, and the record of interruptions helps me have a more balanced view of how the day went. So after a couple of weeks I’m still happy to be learning it. A little scientific observation of my behaviour will let me eliminate old habits and fill the void with shiny new habits. I wonder if that’ll be good or bad… In any event it will be good to toss a few of my less effective old work habits out.

Meanwhile the Genesis Video Box is bringing back some happy memories of the ’80s, and the the 40th anniversary re-re-re-issue of Red by King Crimson gives me my “new” Bill Bruford fix.

Now to enjoy the rest of the old year and anticipate the new.


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