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Unexpected Consequences

I’ve been quite busy the past few weeks, and what strikes me is that most of the activities were driven by the influence of people I find interesting, and my involvement with Perl over the past decade or so has put me in contact with many smart and interesting people, many of them active members of Perl Monger groups.

Now that our daughter has launched herself into real life we are always happy to baby sit for an evening of parental nostalgia, and the other weekend we were lucky enough to baby sit for a Toronto Perl Monger – it was uneventful enough to allow for an evening of Olympic viewing.

On many Monday evenings I substitute for a team in a local trivia league. I was introduced to this group of eclectics by a couple of co-workers who used Perl.

Recently a friend from Boston who wrote one of the first Perl 5 books was in Toronto, and that was a fine excuse to try a new restaurant and catch up for a few hours. Nota Bene was a great place to go and eat, not too noisy and the food and wine were wonderful; had it not been for the visit we probably wouldn’t have checked the restaurant out. Because I wanted to pick our visitor up from the airport I decided to take a day off, and I finally managed to visit the Redpath Sugar Museum which I have been intending to visit for years.

In addition to these occasional pleasures there are monthly meetings of the Toronto Perl Mongers where I get to meet all kinds of people.

On top of all of these Perl has been a useful way of discovering job opportunities where I use Perl development as a litmus test of open minded development processes and the likelihood of working with people with deep interests outside computing.

All in all I think my accidental discovery of Perl 4.019 was one of the most interesting things that has happened in my work life so far, and has had many pleasant and unintended consequences.


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  1. Janet says:

    Glad that you finally got to visit the museum; what did you think of it? We were also open during Doors Open Toronto with tours of the Raw Sugar Shack, you’l have to come next year!

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