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Believe what you want, it doesn’t mean you’re right

Good. Friday. A Day Off.

This week’s Philosophy Bites podcast struck a chord with me. I have often felt that I might have been more suited to another time, even though the late twentieth and early twenty first century have many comforts and distractions which seem to make now a good time to be living. The podcast was Susan Neiman on Morality in the 21st Century, it appealed to me because I consider myself to be an admirer of enlightenment values.

I’m always happy to play the post-modern cynic for laughs, the willful abandonment of reason and responsibility means I can make outrageous and imbecilic claims to irritate and amuse. In more serious moments post-modernism’s main use to me is a quick litmus test – if something claims to be post-modern then it’s most likely a waste of my time and effort to engage with it seriously.

The podcast comes as close to articulating my feelings about how I consider living my life today as anything I’ve recently heard, and helped me refine some of my thoughts about enlightenment values.

Today is good because the sun is shining, the flowers are coming up, and I feel a reverence for nature and spring’s arrival fills me with a sense of hope and happiness.

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  1. ww says:

    Thanks for playing me the bite – good thoughts for a good Friday.

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