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Archive for August 2010

Slimming Down

A couple of things have happened recently which have highlighted ways I can slim things down a bit in terms of the number of things I need to keep track of and change the way I behave. Thanks to homebrew,… Continue Reading →

Restarting vim

Over the years I have managed to squeak by on minimal vi(m) knowledge. Now I’m playing with Rails 3 on my Mac I have an opportunity to get a clean start on an mvim installation. So far in my .vim… Continue Reading →

map_by_method and awsome_print

I have been playing with some of the gems I installed for my rvm rubies, and the first couple I have looked at are pretty simple – map_by_method and awsome_print. My trivial code snippet is here: 123456789101112131415161718#!/usr/bin/env ruby # Trivial… Continue Reading →