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I have been doing some exploring recently, and it has been quite invigorating.

In the real world I took a trip with my mother to Virden, Manitoba to find where my grandmother was born and baptized. It’s good to get out of the greater Toronto area and see some more rural Canada. It took many miles of travel on unpaved roads to reach the place my grandmother was born; the drive challenged and muddied the rental car. All in all a delightful Labour Day weekend out of town, albeit a little tiring.

In the software world I’m playing with Heroku as a place to see if the Rails application I’m writing really works. It’s amazing how much of an ecosystem has build up around Rails – not just Heroku and the tools it provides, but also things like Tim Pope‘s amazing collection of vim add-ons. One day web applications will seem natural to me, I’m sure. For now I have a few ideas from the long weekend I want to put into place, and a stack of personal email I have to sift through.

These have invigorated me because they have popped me out of my usual rut and given me a new perspective on a couple of things.

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