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A Fun Family Outing

A few weeks ago Jeff Potter swung through Toronto doing a “do it yourself” tour promoting his book Cooking for Geeks. This post is a wholehearted recommendation for the book.

Cooking for Geeks cover

Cooking for Geels

My wife and daughter are both into cooking, and I enjoy eating, so it seemed like a good excuse to support an O’Reilly author and have an evening out with the family. The event was early in the evening at Camaraderie a small shared coworkign facility conveniently located on my way home from work.

There was a good sized crowd there, and Jeff gave an entertaining and informative presentation. To say too much about the content would spoil the fun of reading the book – the main novelty to me was the sous-vide technique.

Cooking seems to be a sweet spot for people who enjoy hacking hardware and have a scientific approach to cooking – we just have to be careful to understand what needs to be done to avoid growing unpleasant bugs, or letting them generate lots of unpleasant toxins.

The book itself is a good read with a variety of recipes, interviews, kitchen tips, suggestions for equipment procurement and modification, experimets to get started with, as well as explanations of some of the mechanisms at work in the kitchen. It is well worth the investment in time and money.


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