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End of the Year Lull

December has rolled around again, and this year it is bracketed by a trip to Chicago and a trip to Washington DC. The Toronto Perl Mongers have had their end-of-year social and there’s no Rails Pub Nite in December, so this month I am putting blogging and Seven Languages in Seven weeks on hiatus and chilling out from non-work computer stuff.

I have found that persisting for too long can corrode enjoyment and hamper learning. The Pomodoro Technique enforces breaks which let me take stock of where I am and what I need to do, December should let me assess “Where am I? Where do I want to be? What do I do next?”

The end of the year can fill life with different activities. The Christmas card list is dusted off, and rather than spending hours in the basement gently tapping away I have more social engagements to arrange and attend. Some of the chance meetings and conversations I have had over the past few months need some consideration, and this could be the time to do it.

I hope December recharges and refreshes me. If anyone reads this then I hope the solstice and new year are a good time for you too.

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