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Hipsters at Last!

For a while I was concerned that I might be circling the bowl of middle-aged irrelevance, buy yesterday I think I had a hipster experience which means that mid-life is not as close as I feared.

A few days ago we decided that my wife needed a laptop to un-tether her from her computer while grading papers or battling Blackboard. Desirable features included a sensible sized keyboard, light weight, and easy interoperability with her Mac Mini. Somehow we ended up with an 11″ MacBook Air, a little sister to my MacBook Pro.

The logical next step was to head out to Starbucks to show off our pair of computers while enjoying a hot chocolate or two. Unfortunately there were many other Apple toting youngsters enjoying the free WiFi and caffeinated beverages, so rather than sit in prime visibility seats in the comfy chairs by the window we lurked deeper in the bowels of the store.

That didn’t quite hit the aspiring hipster spot. We slunk back home to watch a Truffaut movie, rented from iTunes of course.

Our experience was complete. We had connected with our inner hipsters. Youth reclaimed. Thank you, Apple and Starbucks.

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