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Sometimes so many things happen so quickly that the world seems to be a blur. I find that this reduces my confidence in dealing with things, and puts me a little on edge.

One of the swirling events was the birth of a new nephew. During a congratulatory Skype call my brother commented on his new glasses, and intimated that he was the last of us to get glasses. He underestimated my vanity – although I have probably needed glasses to read comfortable for some time, I have never got around to getting them in the hope of making it to fifty before succumbing to them. Now I am the proud owner of some reading glasses, and seemingly without effort one type of blurriness has gone from my life.

I wish it was as easy to pull focus on the swirl of events and problems during the day in as effortlessly in an environment seemingly designed to frustrate that end. If I can master that then I will get more done, maybe exhibit some grace under pressure, and find some joy in abandoning myself to the tempest.

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