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Ruby and Beer

At a recent Toronto Perl Mongers meeting I asserted that I had been interested in Ruby for well over a decade, and went looking for an old photo of Dave Thomas, Hal Fulton and a few of us enjoying a beer at the Dog and Duck pub in Austin in 2001. Alas rubygarden has vanished into the mists of time (or the Wayback Machine), but I was able to find the picture on Hal Fulton’s web site.

From Hal Fulton’s site:

Ruby has a long history in Austin, Texas, and I have pictures to prove it. This first picture was taken outside the Dog & Duck Pub in April of 2001. Dave Thomas flew down from Dallas to meet us all. Left to right: Dave Thomas; Conrad Schneiker (who created comp.lang.ruby and helped flesh out the structure of The Ruby Way); Suzanne Senay (wife of Mike Stok); Unknown Person 1; Unknown Person 2; Anthony Cagle (?); Mike Stok; and Hal Fulton. If I got any of that wrong, please yell.

Almost a decade later, I’m looking forward to my first Toronto Ruby Brigade meetup on 15 March 2011.

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