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Inaction In Action

A couple of days off work before the weekend give me a chance to look into building a RESTful application on top of Sinatra. Or not.

If I really want to get some rest then a break from all programming-related activities is what’s needed. This extended weekend it’s time to start re-ripping some of my CDs at a better bit rate now that I have put a bigger disc in my laptop. It’s funny to look at music I bought a couple of decades ago and rip even the “embarrassing” stuff – it’s still fun to listen to it and be transported back to a different time and place.

Taking a rest from alcohol for lent means that my Sunday beer has become a matter of importance. The alcohol-free beers seem to have almost no interesting flavours – maybe they are too subtle for me. This Sunday’s Fuller’s vintage ale was a delight to taste, made doubly delightful because I was able to catch up with a friend and talk about pretty much anything except computers and programming.

So that was a pretty restful weekend, I wonder how long I’ll feel the benefits for once I’m back in my normal routine.

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