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Unexpected time off. No plans, no demands, no goals. A great opportunity to goof around and see what comes up.

I had an unexpected surprise at Service Ontario when I went to renew my driving license, health card, and license plate sticker. There were two people ahead of me in the queue and five people, including a trainee, serving. I was in and out of the office in around ten minutes. Great service, and a good use of my tax dollars.

I wasn’t expecting to spot REWORK in the book store while out buying birthday presents. Let’s see if it meshes with Peopleware‘s take on the world.

I didn’t expect to be stumped by what to do with some time off. I’m working on this, and after going through a couple of Ryan Bates’ Railscasts (well, the ASCIIcasts) I finally got sucked into having some fun starting to understand what was really going on.

I unexpectedly came across some instrumental versions of some tracks on the 40th anniversary re-issue of King Crimson’s Red, and was reminded of my wish to have instrumental versions of much of my music collections…

All in all the week has been pleasantly full of unexpected surprises. If expectation is a prison then this week has given me several glimpses of freedom.

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