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Toronto Skyline (II)

Final picture of the day for May 2011. The CN Tower being crowded out.

Toronto Skyline

Stickin’ Time, says Tickin’ Chicken

The pudding needed to be steamed for an hour and a quarter, so the chicken had to let the iPhone timer time this one…

Cactus in Bloom

Something to balance yesterday’s death and corruption.

Still Life

Here Comes Summer

Reflections on Pictures of the Day

May is almost over, and so far I have been able to keep up with producing a picture each day. Having to come up with something each day is an educational process – simple things like carrying a camera all… Continue Reading →

Foraging Night-life

… again, not a chicken in sight.

Not a Chicken in Sight!

Chicken Pomodoro

Of Tickin’ Chicken and an Arduino, I think that the chicken has more charm as a pomodoro timer. All in the name of preparing for this month’s Toronto Perl Mongers‘ meeting. (“Chicken Pomodoro – it’s finger tickin’ good” joke edited… Continue Reading →