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Reflections on Pictures of the Day

May is almost over, and so far I have been able to keep up with producing a picture each day. Having to come up with something each day is an educational process – simple things like carrying a camera all the time, remembering what I’ve already done, scoping out potential subjects for another day, and looking around more with an eye to framing a picture have become part of my practice. Be prepared, and make some luck.

I find it interesting that sometimes when the day was winding up and I mused “I’ve got to get a picture of something for today … what about that…” the last ditch shot seemed to amuse people. Interesting. Other people see more in the pictures than I do.

The discipline of producing a picture each day is indeed a vehicle for joy. And learning.

A few more days to go…

One Response to “Reflections on Pictures of the Day”

  1. evaB says:

    You should keep going with pic of the day, Mike. These are great shots and you should submit the coon to the Star if they are still doing the Wildlife in the City. I know they have OK shots of coons and cute ones but yours is Rorschach wicked!!!

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