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Catching Some Sun

Cats are smarter than we think – Rosebud discovers where she can bask in twice the sun on the only sunny day scheduled for 2011’s Victoria Day weekend.

AGO Skyline

Sign of the Times

Left on Queen Street.

Life and Death

Return of The King pre-pre-pre-prequel

Animal Farm – Secret Kick-off Meeting

Not Amused

Even though she should know her bath helps her ringworm, Rosebud never looks grateful when bedraggled. Odd that…

Discipline is a Vehicle for Joy

The post’s title is an aphorism from Robert Fripp’s It is a struggle to come up with a blog post every couple of weeks; it’s a struggle to do the photo of the day thing every day. I’m half… Continue Reading →

Mission Accomplished

Freehand without flash to get better colours. Accomplishing the mission, albeit with assistance, means that there might be a little camera shake here…