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γνῶθι σεαυτόν

I can easily spot when other people are driving themselves into the ground. A quiet and enjoyable father’s day weekend whose sole task oriented “goal” was to get a curtain rod put up in the bedroom.  I can see “me… Continue Reading →

Chuck Noris on Rails

This evening I got together with a couple of people from work to get some more than trivial experience with Ruby on Rails with them, and try not to come across like a Perl zealot, Ruby weenie, or PyHole –… Continue Reading →

May 2011 Pictures of the Day

This should (if you allow flash…) rotate through the 31 images from May automatically, going backwards from the 31st to the 1st. (gallery deleted due to spam issues) This was the first gallery I tried, maybe it will change if… Continue Reading →

Weekend Fun

I finally turned a best intention into action this weekend, and we took a quick trip out of town to break the city routine. A friend had picked up some flying lessons on WagJag, and thought their lack of transportation… Continue Reading →