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Chuck Noris on Rails

This evening I got together with a couple of people from work to get some more than trivial experience with Ruby on Rails with them, and try not to come across like a Perl zealot, Ruby weenie, or PyHole – those types of people whose single minded narrow minded zeal and certitude pretty much turn me off any technology regardless of its virtues.

Someone suggested that we change the venue of our Rails experience from an office at work to a patio at a watering hole. As Dave and I had planned to sample some Chuck Noris IPA after the session, we did the agile thing and headed out laptop at the ready. The three of us made it to Stout on Carlton street in spite of the tropical heat and humidity, the delays on the TTC, and much to my relief there were still growlers of Chuck Noris to be had. Once we arrived we made another quick decision to remain in the air conditioned lounge rather than swelter on the patio.

If there’s one thing I have learned from Walker Texas Ranger it is that no matter how desperate the situation it can all be resolved in the ten minutes before everyone has to go, so once I was hooked up to the WiFi and the first pint of IPA and some food had been consumed I was able to try a half hour of “trio programming” (agile + 50%!) getting a couple of screens going.

Some of the things we learned:

  • rvm is great.
  • bundler makes it really easy to switch rails versions, particularly when it’s easier to suspect the new 3.0.8 rather than anyhting we did!
  • Overconfidence is dangerous – we made several models, one of which was called Action. Not a good idea in rails.
  • rails gives you a lot of functionality for a small investment in code.
  • Three heads are better than one.
  • We should try a place called Granite up near Yonge and Eglinton

This week is turning out pretty Ruby heavy, yesterday’s Toronto Ruby Brigade meetup, Chuck on Rails tonight, and a Ruby hacking meetup tomorrow…

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