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Working from Home

Now I’m a couple of weeks into working from home for Whamcloud, having spent three weeks in Bristol getting to know my other team member. I find it interesting to work from home for such a distributed company, after thirty years of being an office-dweller who enjoyed the social aspect of working (sometimes more than the work itself.)

View from Mike's desk

My commute these days is up a couple of flights of stairs and then up a spiral staircase, so my coffee runs should give me some reasonable exercise! At the moment the attic, my new office, is pleasantly warm. It will be interesting to see what it is like in the summer and winter.

The main tools I use at the moment are: Skype to keep in touch with my coworkers, vim to write code for a Ruby on Rails application, a pomodoro app to structure my time, the Day One app to keep notes (and have them available on my personal laptop and phone via Dropbox), and tmux and ssh to do remote code reviews and pairing. I’m trying to keep paper and other clutter to a minimum.

The most interesting discovery was how well the pomodoro app and Skype work together. The app’s Skype integration means that during my working sessions all the Skype notification noises are off, and I get to concentrate on the work. In the interstitial five minute periods the pops remind me there is life out there and I can socialize a bit. During my pomodoros my Skype mood message is set to what I’m doing (either text or a Jira bug number), so people can see what I’m up to.

At lunch times I make an effort to get out of the house, to run an errand or just go for a walk. It’s interesting to see what goes on in the neighbourhood during the day.

So far, so good. I’m getting lots of work done and I get to see more of my wife!

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  1. abram says:

    Congrats on the new job!

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