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Freedom and Loss

Cats were part of the package when I got married nearly fifteen years ago. In those years a dog has come and gone, and Little Guy – the younger of the cats – died. Many a time we thought about what life might be like without the responsibility for pets, and made plans for the day we would finally be pet free. We’d have the freedom to take trips without having to arrange someone to take take care of the cat – food, water, litter, twice daily injections of insulin.

That day came. Rosebud made it to twenty, outlasted the other pets, and had a few years as the cat who got the sunny spots.

Now I have no more litter to scoop, don’t have to remember to inject insulin into the cat, don’t have to mop up hair-balls and other evidence of feline habitation. The basement no longer smells of used cat litter. The vets have had their last bite at my credit card. We are free of pets.

The house seems very quiet and empty.

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