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On Letting Go

My stint running the Toronto Perl Mongers is over. Jordan Tam and a couple of others have all the passwords and privileges needed to update the web site and moderate the mailing list.

I am relieved to be stepping down, and a little sad. Since my days in Boston where we had “Boston Area Perl Socials” before the Perl Mongers were formed I have had a deep fondness for Perl and its spectacularly warm, welcoming, and interesting community. The Perl community is my current benchmark of user groups, and I don’t think any other groups come close in their willingness to accept and encourage heretics. The Toronto Ruby scene comes close, but taking a moment to look back the Perl Mongers in Boston, New York, Austin, and Toronto have been an amazing source of friends, jobs, and social life.

Now I look forward to participating in the trenches again, and hope the next 20 or so years of Perl will be as much fun.

Good luck to Jordan, Stuart, and Alex! It’s time for some fresh blood.

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One Response to “On Letting Go”

  1. Abram says:

    I just wanted to post to confirm your experiences.
    I feel the same way Mike. I’ve had great experiences with the Victoria, Kitchener/Waterloo and Toronto Perl Mongers as well.
    It’s good there’s some new blood to take over too, that indicates a healthy community 🙂

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