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Getting .mp3 Files into iTunes as Podcasts

Recently I purchased Avdi Grimm’s Objects on Rails “sponsor edition” to get the special extra – a long interview with Sandi Metz. This comes as a big .mp3 file. I happily use iTunes to organize my audio content, and dropping… Continue Reading →

Powerless Commerce

I’m still surprised at how unreliable power is in North America. Yesterday there were a couple of brief outages affecting the part of Toronto I live in. Maybe it was the past couple of days of hot weather, maybe not,… Continue Reading →

The Examined Life

I recently got the Kobo app for my iPad so that I can read some DRM encumbered ePub books. Until I got the Kobo app I had been using iBooks to read books, and it was not that different from… Continue Reading →

Diamond Jubilee Reflections

This weekend is the Queen’s diamond jubilee, and again I find myself surprised by how quickly time slips by. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I waited for a glimpse of the Queen as she drove by on her… Continue Reading →