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Getting .mp3 Files into iTunes as Podcasts

Recently I purchased Avdi Grimm’s Objects on Rails “sponsor edition” to get the special extra – a long interview with Sandi Metz. This comes as a big .mp3 file.

I happily use iTunes to organize my audio content, and dropping the interview in the Library section of iTunes stores it in my music library. I find having a two and a half hour track stored as a “normal” track a little inconvenient. iTunes doesn’t remember where I got to in a “normal” track the next time I play it, yet for podcasts iTunes does remember where I got to, and better still rewind a bit when I resume listening to them.

To let me listen to the interview in chunks I would like iTunes to treat it as if it were a podcast.

A DuckDuckGo search yielded which I visited.

I installed the script file in ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts and turned on web sharing. It didn’t seem to work, so I went to – point 5 suggested creating a /etc/apache2/users/local.conf containing:

<Directory /Users/*/Sites>
  Allow from all

Which then let me go into iTunes, select the mp3 in the music library and import it as a podcast by selecting the Re-Add Selected Track as Podcast from the AppleScript menu.

Now I have the Sandi Metz interview in a useful state, I donated a few dollars to Doug Adams (thanks Doug!) and turned off web sharing on my laptop.

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