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The weather is improving in Toronto, there’s visible evidence that summer is on its way. Time to break out some of my “refreshed” T-shirts from Discipline Global Mobile in an attempt to reverse the greying of my wardrobe over the past few years.

A few events in the past week have made me view the shirts as a way of identifying one dimension of my life with a group of souls with similar afflictions of musical taste.

In_the_Court_of_the_Crimson_King.jpg I was stepping out of the house wearing a T-shirt featuring the cover art from In the Court of the Crimson King and was narrowly missed by a cyclist calling out “Great album”.It was indeed a great album, and I believe it was the first CD I ever bought (at the time I was not aware of just how bad CD mastering was in the early 80s as record companies struggled to get the most money out of my pocket for the minimum investment.)

My fondest memories are of Discipline – an album which seems as fresh today as it did when I was first exposed to it. Over the past few weeks I have been conducting an unscientific survey by wearing various T-shirts around and seeing if there are any comments, and three times as many people commented about the Discipline T-shirt, with two of them commenting to the effect that they still had the album at home, and it still sounded fresh. So far there have been no comments about the Larks’ Tongues in Aspic shirt.

Discipline,_King_Crimson.jpg Larks_tongues_in_aspic_album_cover.jpg

On several occasions the T-shirts have sparked quick conversations where we reminisced about or other favourites and Crimso-related experiences.

Maybe I’m just a man of a certain age, regardless I’m enjoying being a visible member of a small tribe.

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