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Discipline (is a Vehicle for Joy)

My revisiting Ruby and Rails is moving ahead well, each week day I spend an hour or so to do a couple of Vitamin R sessions to work through Michael Hartl’s Rails Tutorial. Progress is good, and the content seems to be sticking.

The difference in approach this time to my last attempt is that I do it first thing in the morning, getting up an hour earlier to make myself some time, and I don’t do anything before it except make a cup of coffee. This means I don’t get distracted by news, email, software updates, and all those other things which can sap energy, and I have some focus. This is a qualitatively different experience to trying to squeeze in an hour at the end of the day, at the end of the day I’m tired and work’s irritations and frustrations have clouded my mind, and I don’t have that much focus available for tasks regardless of their fun or interest.

A side benefit is that it is re-energizing me to review books, and work through some of the more interesting looking ones because I have a sense of progress from my hour’s disciplined work in the morning.

The books I’m looking at now are the Ruby Rogues‘ next book club book – Understanding Computation, and Avdi Grimm‘s Much Ado About Naught.

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  1. This has been my realization as well, even though I have traditionally regarded myself as a night owl (not a morning person). I find getting up as early as possible/reasonable helps tremendously with my ability to get through books, and adds quite a bit of a boost to my productivity when coding, reading or writing at length.

    I didn’t know you kept a blog Mike, I happened on it by chance. To the feed reader with you!

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