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Adventures in Pair Programming (Part 1)

Recent lifestyle changes have left me with more energy and desire to learn, so I am looking into doing some remote pairing with some friends in the city. I expect that working with people I already have a relationship with will help get the kinks out of my setup, and then I can look to people further afield.

One thing I think I’ll miss is the food and beer afterwards, but that might be an advantage from the perspective of my wife and my doctor!

The current plan is to get a droplet or two at Digital Ocean – they have SSDs and per hour pricing – and maybe do some pairing as I work through Michael Hartl‘s Rails tutorial.

This has a couple of benefits for me:

  • My progress on the Rails tutorial is open to others, and that helps keep me honest
  • I have an excuse to start exploring Vagrant and Puppet in my own world as ways to build and provision machines

For now I have some simple scripts at which I use to build a VPS. There are lots of routes open to improve them, and I want to get the pair programming experience first before burning hours on perfecting a useless system.


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