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Adventures in Pair Programming (Part 2)

A few days ago I had my first remote pair programming experience which got some real work done. Dave Doyle had set up the Toronto Perl Mongers meetup group, and we thought it might be good to deal with at least one issue with our web site.

One tool which I first heard about on the Wide Teams podcast was Screenhero. I had had a couple of opportunities to use it at work for code reviewing, and this was the first time I was going to try real development.

Using Screenhero was a real pleasure, the fans on my MacBook Pro sometimes leaped into high gear, but the performance of sharing multiple windows in both directions while having a Skype video chat running was never a problem. There were a few times when the remoteness of the other machine intruded, but it was a very natural feeling experience. We could talk and gesture with our mouses (micen?), roll our eyes or give thumbs-up, and Screenhero didn’t get in the way of solving the problem. We tried a few things, explored some dead-ends, and came to a conclusion quite easily.

Definitely a positive experience.

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