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Adventures in Pair Programming (Part 4)

Another beautiful Saturday in Toronto, and another chance to do a good couple of sessions with Stuart Watt. This week there was a good mixture of programming in Ruby (a language I know and love), programming in Elixir (a language which has piqued my interest), exploring a few tools, and reviewing my presentation for the Toronto Perl Mongers‘ meeting this Thursday.

The Ruby was just a few odds and ends, renaming, refactoring dense methods, and doing things I probably would never have done had I been working alone. I was also helped by 8th Color‘s reviewing service — though that meant I pushed to the branch way too often just to see what would happen. All in all it was a good experience, knowing my partner would be checking that I had made the changes as agreed made me more careful. These changes were to code I wrote solo after last week’s session — they probably wouldn’t have been needed if we were pairing when I was writing the code.

The Elixir was a case of starting to pick things up — Stuart has some functional experience so he was able to point me in a reasonable direction. Here pairing was doing knowledge transfer and helping avoid rat-holes. It seemed important to step away from time to time and chat about other things in the world to let my subconscious process what I was doing.

The tool I experimented with today was Atlassian‘s SourceTree which is a graphical git (and mercurial) client with built in support for git flow. Seems nice, although I couldn’t find a way to get nice diffs for all the files in a commit in one pane — but I can use github for that.

Having a partner look over my presentation was useful, I think the presentation will be better for it!

Best of all we headed out to Merryberry for some lunch. The food is always great there, and it was a beautiful day to walk out past Riverdale Farm to get some lunch.

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