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Some Lessons Learned from Pair Programming (Part 1)

There are many simple ways improve my programming!

That was the biggest thing I have learned from my pair programming efforts so far. The more useful things I need to pay attention to:

  • Be more careful with my git commits — I can learn to rebase before committing so my commits tell a coherent story.
  • Listen to my gut more — Several things I felt “iffy” about also concerned my partner. I should speak up more during coding rather than skate over things, for example names I think are not quite right.
  • Pairing up takes energy and focus — It’s rewarding too. I have to have mental energy and focus, otherwise I’m wasting my partner’s time if I am not participating fully.

The incidental benefits were great too. We explored more options than I would have done by myself. We learned about more than just the problem we were solving. It was good to have someone to celebrate the successes with, as well as another pair of eyes to give a better perspective on the things which didn’t work out.

So far pairing seems to have amply rewarded my investment in time.

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