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Solo Work

I hoped that I would be able to get some pairing in over the past month, and it seems that summer activities have made it tricky to pair up with friends and work deadlines dashed my hopes of getting to a Toronto Ruby Brigade evening.

I have re-started a project which I am working on by myself, and the absence of someone to bounce ideas off is the most striking thing. For me the time when ideas are most plastic is before they have been committed to code and tests. Working solo tempts me to get “something working” as quickly as possible to get a sense of progress, and that temptation has to be tempered.

Rather than starting with a web application I am building the core elements of the underlying service as a Gem, and using techniques from Growing Object Oriented Software to drive out features. Once I have the basic elements running then I can add persistence (sequel most likely), and then wrap it with a web service (sinatra most likely), and then deploy it (Heroku or Digital Ocean).

I’m using Rubocop to keep an eye on my code style, it amazes me how prolonged working with code of dubious style at work seems to make me more tolerant of sloppiness.

It will be interesting to see how far this attempt goes!

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