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Spike Time

Sometimes I have to slow down in the short term to speed up over the long term. In my QuizMaster project I have a basic idea of what the “interesting” bits of the application will do, now I want to put it in a web app. The last time I did this I used Ruby on Rails because it offered one-stop shopping.

At the moment I’m doing a spike and learning Padrino to see if I can use it to build the framework and slot in the behaviour I have already developed.

I had several reasons for looking at Padrino. I wanted to start by using Sinatra and Sequel, and I realise that I would probably end up re-inventing wheels to do basic things, so Padrino looks like a good way of being able to pull in ORMs etc. as I need them.

So for now I’m looking at Padrino for a while.

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