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The Year in Review

It’s already the thirty-first of December, and this year seems to have flown by.

The biggest change for me was getting a job at Influitive where the bulk of the team is co-located and we strive for agility and quality. It’s great fun to work face-to-face in a pair, and to be part of a well aligned, effectively communicating team. I’m also enjoying not managing or leading other people and being able to concentrate on producing something useful. It’s great to be using Ruby as Ruby with a team who care about code quality, and I’m also enjoying playing with Elixir in my spare time.

I got to travel to a few concerts over the year — Public Service Broadcasting in London with my daughter, and King Crimson in Chicago. I hope to see more local live music in the coming year.

I’ve had some good time with friends and user groups in Toronto, although there was some sadness when I heard that Jeff Tyler had died in November. He was my first boss at Collective Technologies, and had remained a good friend over the past couple of decades.

The year has ended on an upward trajectory for me, and I’m looking forward to 2015. If you’ve read this far then I hope you have a great 2015!

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