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The Joy of Crimson

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to go to the “friends and family” full dress rehearsal show of King Crimson at Palais Montcalm in Quebéc. Not only was the music a delight, but the gig also gave me an insight into myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show, and was delighted that the photo policy had changed so that it was OK to take a snap or two after the performance. I took advantage of the new policy:

King Crimson after the show in Quebéc.

King Crimson after the show in Quebéc.

Tony Levin has photos of the audience on the tour page on his site, and there I am in the audience in one of his shots… 😀

Mike in Audience

Mike in Audience

The band’s photo policy helped me enjoy the show: I could be present in the space, undistracted by dozens of devices bobbling around, be present to the enjoyment of the guy sitting next to me, and remember details of the performance. The quality of attention of those around me seemed different (in a good way) from my experience at tother concerts. Being allowed to take shots after the performance made me realise just how much manipulating a device, fiddling with the settings, trying to frame a shot, and so on took me out of the experience.

My experience resonated with an article I read a couple of days later on the BBC’s web site which said:

If you look at recent research by Linda Henkel, a psychology professor at Fairfield University, you might think the answer is yes. Her research has suggested that taking photos can actually impair your ability to recall details of the event later, despite – and likely because of – the effort spent taking excessive photographs.

This has made me think of my attention as an extremely limited resource, and become aware of how my direction of my attention can affect the quality of my experience of life.

I’ll keep this in mind while I’m at one of their Toronto gigs on Friday.

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