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What’s new is new again. I find it interesting to hear the “musical drafts” of album tracks to see how material developed, and I love hearing the live rendition of album tracks to see how they can come to life with such vitality. I’ve had a treat recently!

It has been more than twenty years since I eagerly unwrapped my autographed copy of VROOOM to hear some new King Crimson material, having missed seeing their ’80s incarnation live.

Over Christmas a gift of the THRAK Box let me listen to THRAK afresh, and the new material and mixes re-ignited my interest in that era.

In the past couple of weeks I received the Delta Saxophone Quartet’s Crimson! which features Gwilym Simcock (an Earthworks alumnus) on piano, and among the tracks they interpret are VROOOM and Dinosaur from THRAK.

Today I was delighted to hear that King Crimson’s performance from Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre last November is being released as part of the King Crimson Collectors Club series, I enjoyed the show and am looking forward to hearing that to refresh my memory.

All of these feature a common thread, the track VROOOM, and I delight in hearing the tweaks and changes which have gone into it. As someone whose creative outlet has been writing software it’s interesting to see evidence of drafting and evolution in someone else’s work.

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