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“Peopled Out”

“Peopled out” is the term I use when I’m talking to my wife about being profoundly mentally exhausted by being in close proximity to too many people in a distracting environment for too long. At this time of the year I experience it more frequently as social spaces become crowded with holiday season throngs and the thronging humanity tends to be in ebullient mood. I find the environment over-stimulating and, as someone who places myself at the more introverted end of the spectrum, after a few minutes I feel my energy draining.

I appreciate that people at the extroverted end of the spectrum can find stimulation energising. For the first time in ages I’m opting out of the company seasonal party as an act of self care, and I have a sense of deep relief having made that choice.

The less time I spend “peopled out” the better.

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