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A “Sturdy Curmudgeon’s” Year in Review

The last few days of 2017 are ticking away. This year I’ve experienced a significant change for the better in the way I feel about life.

One of many delightful things about the year is that I got in more deep contact with an old school friend. An email contained a phrase which particularly tickled me, and caused me to reflect:

You always were a “sturdy curmudgeon”, it’s good to know that nothing has changed on that front.

What’s wrong with being a curmudgeon? In my opinion nothing as long as there’s compassion in my heart… I was interested that some aspects of my personality have been stable for many decades, and once people understand I’m curmudgeonly then some things I see as the “truth” are easier to bring up.

I feel happier in my work. Moving on from a development environment which was broiling in toxic masculinity was a relief in itself, and now I find myself working with a team where playful pairing is the norm for me — bonus! Even if I have to contend with a crowded and noisy office, and some theory X-ish tendencies it’s a huge step forward for me.

I feel happier for having seen so many good and old friends (as well as new places) on a trip over the summer. I’m enjoying some real down-time with my family. I’m enjoying meeting up with friends over the holiday season and letting go of work and technology for a while.

I’ve understood that I get annoyed by callous evangelists; and that’s fine. The realisation has allowed me to give up at least one grudge. Probably that fells the best of all the things I have done for myself this year, letting go of an unintentional anchor.

I’m grateful for all the opportunities and lessons of the year.

There are lots of things that didn’t go as hoped in 2017. That’s no reason not to look forward to 2018… maybe I’ll get to grips with clean language in 2018.

Please allow this sturdy curmudgeon to wish you the best for the coming year.

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