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Believe what you want, it doesn’t mean you’re right


I’m using this blog as a way to practice writing. Now that the craze of blogging seems to be fading it seems like a safe time to emerge from the shadows and see how my thinking and writing styles develop.

You might ask “What’s the tag about?” Sometimes a phrase pops up in my consciousness and sticks in my mind.

  • At times during Perl 6’s development it looked like the point seemed to be to deliver other languages’ features with a Perlish twist just for the sake of it, hence “Yesterday’s Ideas Tomorrow”.
  • Sometimes I am only too happy to think the unthinkable, and occasionally voice that thought. Thinking the unthinkable is a hackneyed phrase which has awful associations with overpaid, underqualified zealots strategizing.  As I’m underpaid, overqualified, and sometimes quite apathetic “Unthinking the Thinkable” seems appropriate.
  • “A dark with no promise of dawn” is taken from a Tony Banks lyric. It is how I feel after too many years of maintaining bad code. I should alternate it with “Remain in hell without despair”, a lyric from the League of Gentlemen.
  • “No, nothings not wrong” — XTC, Stupidly Happy.
  • “Old friends are strangers in disguise” — Bill Nelson, Decline and Fall
  • “Try not to look so disappointed / It isn’t what you hoped for, is it?” — Talking Heads, Memories Can’t Wait. Expectation is indeed a prison, and one day I’ll learn that!
  • “I believe in this world to come. I think it’s going to be a pretty good world.” — A sample used on Public Service Broadcasting’s first album. Maybe some optimism is sprouting.
  • “This is how it ends / All screwed up and confusing.” — Lyric from a 2014 or so King Crimson song Suitable Grounds for the Blues which seems to resonate with my experience of software development, especially the maintenance end of things.
  • “Continually experimenting with new ideas and techniques — Reconstructing, Developing, Modernising” — A sample used on the first single, Progress, from Public Service Broadcasting’s third album “Every Valley.” I’m feeling more optimistic about things now I’ve changed my job…
  • “Believe what you want, it doesn’t mean you’re right”—Lyric from a 2003 King Crimson song Facts of Life.

The audience I had in mind when I started writing this blog was me – if this blog interests or entertains you then I have achieved more than I intended!

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