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T-shirt Memories

I have finally got around to culling my T-shirts (and the odd long sleeve thing), and it’s amusing to see what’s left. It was interesting to see what memories going through them stirred up. There are a few plain black,… Continue Reading →

Almost a Year Since the Most Recent Post

It’s odd how time passes, and how my take on what’s worthy of a blog post has changed. These days many of my urges to quip are satisfied by Twitter, and summoning the energy to structure and edit a long-ish… Continue Reading →

The Agony of IKEA Kitchen Planner on macOS

Introduction Recently my wife and I decided that it might be worthwhile renovating the kitchen after more than fifteen years of living with the late-1970s vintage space we inherited. Many of our friends have been delighted with the quality and… Continue Reading →

A “Sturdy Curmudgeon’s” Year in Review

The last few days of 2017 are ticking away. This year I’ve experienced a significant change for the better in the way I feel about life. One of many delightful things about the year is that I got in more… Continue Reading →

Celebrating the Small Things

I think that the social and environmental atmosphere are huge contributions to both my experience of work and the quality of that work. This post was inspired by my pairing partner’s habit of recognising small successes and celebrating them. I recently… Continue Reading →

Lesson from Programming Solo

I have been working through Benjamin Tan Wei Hao’s The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook to get a handle on how to think when writing Elixir or Erlang. One of the things I try to do when I’m picking up… Continue Reading →

Preferring “Practicality” over “Purity”

I saw a tweet (or was it a blog post, or was it an article) recently which used the categories of “tinkerer” and “mathematician” to divide up programmers. My recollection of its conclusion was that each type of programmer was… Continue Reading →

“Peopled Out”

“Peopled out” is the term I use when I’m talking to my wife about being profoundly mentally exhausted by being in close proximity to too many people in a distracting environment for too long. At this time of the year… Continue Reading →

Health and Safety at Work etc.

As a youngster in England in 1974, as far as I can remember, I wasn’t much interested in that year’s Health and Safety at Work etc. Act. In those days manufacturing and resource industries seemed to dominate the British economy,… Continue Reading →

Remain in Hell, Without Despair.

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the Labour Day weekend in Canada. Toronto is quiet as many people are out of town at their “cottages”, though planes from the air show for the CNE sometimes manage to violate the peace…. Continue Reading →