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Planning Ahead

It’s the second half of January already, and I’m looking at what I want to achieve for myself this year. On the software development front there are a couple of projects I’m interested in making some progress on: Rewriting my… Continue Reading →

The Year in Review

It’s already the thirty-first of December, and this year seems to have flown by. The biggest change for me was getting a job at Influitive where the bulk of the team is co-located and we strive for agility and quality…. Continue Reading →

Spike Time

Sometimes I have to slow down in the short term to speed up over the long term. In my QuizMaster project I have a basic idea of what the “interesting” bits of the application will do, now I want to… Continue Reading →

Cleaning up an old code base (with syntastic’s help)

I am attempting to make the idea of shared code ownership more popular at $work, and one of the “irritants” is the variety of formatting people manage to do — for example the use of hard tabs with the assumption… Continue Reading →

Building Ruby 1.8.7-p374 on OSX Mavericks (now homebrew has dropped apple-gcc42)

Recently I needed to build an older Ruby to use on a relatively new Mac running Mavericks. These days I use chruby (installed by homebrew) as my ruby switcher of choice, and ruby-install (also from homebrew) as my ruby building… Continue Reading →

Solo Work Continues, Slowly.

A little at a time I make progress on the QuizMaster gem. Thanks to Brandon Hilkert, bundler, Pull Review, the Inch tool to help with documentation, and RuboCop to help with style, I’m having some fun. I feel that by… Continue Reading →

Solo Work

I hoped that I would be able to get some pairing in over the past month, and it seems that summer activities have made it tricky to pair up with friends and work deadlines dashed my hopes of getting to… Continue Reading →

Confident, Competent, and Safe

I have recently started volunteering at a local food bank. So far it has been a satisfying and interesting experience. I find it interesting that it has quickly become something I look forward to doing even though it involves doing… Continue Reading →

Learning From the Experience of Others

Once again I’m struggling to deploy an inherited application. It has quite a solid “happy path”, but few tests, no automated deployment, and should the configuration file be missing the error report can be more than two and a half… Continue Reading →

Taking a Break, Rediscovering Fun

Sometimes I forget how important it is to take a break from the “usual routine” and do something a different for a change. Fortunately for me recent events gave me a jolt from my usual perspective. Here’s my take on… Continue Reading →