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Stumbling Through Elixir

I’m working my way through 30 Days of Elixir at a relaxed pace, and I’m starting to get a sense of the possible differences in approach between the languages I already know (procedural and OO) end Elixir. Today’s exercise (09-ping.exs)… Continue Reading →

Elixir the Language

I’ve started working with the language Elixir for fun after many months of meaning to have a go at it. The experience to date has been great. I’ve long been intending to get some experience with functional programming, having used… Continue Reading →

Neat Pairing Technique

Last week I was introduced to a simple and effective way to help maintain the driver/navigator roles while pairing at a computer with two mice, keyboards, and screens. This seems to be a popular set-up in companies, though the “traditional”… Continue Reading →

Spike Time

Sometimes I have to slow down in the short term to speed up over the long term. In my QuizMaster project I have a basic idea of what the “interesting” bits of the application will do, now I want to… Continue Reading →

Cleaning up an old code base (with syntastic’s help)

I am attempting to make the idea of shared code ownership more popular at $work, and one of the “irritants” is the variety of formatting people manage to do — for example the use of hard tabs with the assumption… Continue Reading →

Building Ruby 1.8.7-p374 on OSX Mavericks (now homebrew has dropped apple-gcc42)

Recently I needed to build an older Ruby to use on a relatively new Mac running Mavericks. These days I use chruby (installed by homebrew) as my ruby switcher of choice, and ruby-install (also from homebrew) as my ruby building… Continue Reading →

Solo Work

I hoped that I would be able to get some pairing in over the past month, and it seems that summer activities have made it tricky to pair up with friends and work deadlines dashed my hopes of getting to… Continue Reading →

Learning From the Experience of Others

Once again I’m struggling to deploy an inherited application. It has quite a solid “happy path”, but few tests, no automated deployment, and should the configuration file be missing the error report can be more than two and a half… Continue Reading →

First Lessons From “Rite of Spring” Exercise

Starting to work through Sandi Metz’s RailsConf slides has been an enjoyable and relaxing exercise. I have made it through the first hundred or so slides, and I consciously observed my behaviour. Domestic constraints meant that I needed to wrap… Continue Reading →

The Rite of Spring

The bicycles are up from the basement, the plants are up from the dirt (in the front yard at least). It must be time for me to start showing some activity here again. My pairing project is on a brief… Continue Reading →