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What’s new is new again. I find it interesting to hear the “musical drafts” of album tracks to see how material developed, and I love hearing the live rendition of album tracks to see how they can come to life… Continue Reading →

Documentation and “Coincidental vs. Intentional”

Recently I’ve been reading the documentation for the Elixir programming language, in particular the Documentation != Comments section. Like so many other aspects of Elixir, the documentation has picked up good ideas from a number of places and woven them… Continue Reading →

The Joy of Crimson

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to go to the “friends and family” full dress rehearsal show of King Crimson at Palais Montcalm in Quebéc. Not only was the music a delight, but the gig also gave me an insight… Continue Reading →

Irrational Irritations

I was looking at the Elm Style Guide and this good vs. bad comparison struck a nerve which made me consider a small loosely held prejudice of mine: Good: type alias Circle =     { x : Float  … Continue Reading →

Elixir the Language

I’ve started working with the language Elixir for fun after many months of meaning to have a go at it. The experience to date has been great. I’ve long been intending to get some experience with functional programming, having used… Continue Reading →

Environmental Factors: Chatter

Some recent tweets containing a Florence Nightingale quote about noise have reminded me of one of the environmental factors which seems to sap my mental energy — background noise. The quote was from her book Notes on Nursing, at the… Continue Reading →

Neat Pairing Technique

Last week I was introduced to a simple and effective way to help maintain the driver/navigator roles while pairing at a computer with two mice, keyboards, and screens. This seems to be a popular set-up in companies, though the “traditional”… Continue Reading →

Planning Ahead

It’s the second half of January already, and I’m looking at what I want to achieve for myself this year. On the software development front there are a couple of projects I’m interested in making some progress on: Rewriting my… Continue Reading →

The Year in Review

It’s already the thirty-first of December, and this year seems to have flown by. The biggest change for me was getting a job at Influitive where the bulk of the team is co-located and we strive for agility and quality…. Continue Reading →

Solo Work Continues, Slowly.

A little at a time I make progress on the QuizMaster gem. Thanks to Brandon Hilkert, bundler, Pull Review, the Inch tool to help with documentation, and RuboCop to help with style, I’m having some fun. I feel that by… Continue Reading →